Ethics, Relief and a Smile on my Face!

Hello Everyone!

My goodness, isn’t life busy? I have been snowed under with my thesis work recently and have been focusing on that- still taking time out for my mindfulness and time for myself, mind you!

I have received ethical approval from UWE (the University of the West of England) to go ahead with my data collection for my thesis now, so am excited to be finally able to recruit therapists! I have 18 months left to collect data and write up my thesis- seems like such a long time now, but I know it will fly by!

What do you guys do when you have deadlines? Do you procrastinate, or do you just get on with it? I am a huge procrastinator, sadly, so have to create ‘fake’ deadlines for myself to get my academic work done and rewards for achieving my goals- anyone else got any good ideas?

As Homo Sapiens, we are entirely designed to procrastinate, that’s why some of find it so easy to do! Why are we created to procrastinate, I hear you say? Well, from an evolutionary perspective, as cavepeople, we would have eaten or collected firewood as soon as we saw it. If we didn’t, the food might spoil, the wood may get wet and then we couldn’t keep warm. So, why put it off? You may not get it if you wait any longer? Our bodies are designed to expect instant gratification, so don’t feel too bad if you’re a procrastinator… blame your genes and/or evolution!

I hope you all have a tremendous long bank holiday weekend- I shall spend it with my head buried in journals and books, studying and preparing for exams! Have fun 🙂