GDPR and Website Privacy Statement

Please find below my privacy statement, in line with new GDPR rules:

This statement confirms how I, Wanda Howell, of and Wanda Howell Counselling, use and protect any information that you give me when you use this website or my service. Please note that my website is protected with SSL encryption in order that the email content is encrypted before it is sent via the internet.

I am completely committed to protecting and safeguarding any of your information that you share with me, and it will only be used so that this privacy statement. I reserve the right to change this policy from time to time, in line with current legislation and I advise you to check this page regularly so that you are aware of any changes that I may make. This policy is valid from 1st June 2018.

By continuing to visit and use my website,, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy and agreeing to my use of cookies, as described and outlined below. Any changes to this policy will be available on this page, and if relevant, I will notify you by email.

Information Collected:

Like most websites, my website uses Google Analytics (GA)- GA data is used to look at the number of people who are using the website, how they find the website and how they participate. GA also records your IP address, which can personally identify you. Google does not give me access to this data.

You may also share information with me, such as your name, address and telephone number when you complete any form on my website, by contacting me via telephone, email or text message or commenting on the blog on this website.

Where necessary, and to ensure I am acting in your best interests, I may need to process information that may be sensitive in nature, such as health information or other personal details. In some situations, I may need to share this information with a third party, such as mental health professionals or your GP. I strongly advise you not to disclose any personal, or sensitive information of any nature on any website that you visit, including this website. However, if you choose to do so, then you will be allowing me to process this information, as part of my services to you.


My site does use cookies, which are used to distinguish you from other visitors to the website. You are able to disable this setting on your device or when accessing the website, which will prevent your visit to the site being tracked. Some cookies are essential for the website to work properly; I would advise you to review and, if necessary, disable cookies on your internet browser on a regular basis. Please see Your Online Choices to provide you with information about cookies and their use. Please also visit About Cookies for advice about managing and deleting your cookies.

Blog Posts:

If you were to comment on a blog post on this website, then the personal details you provide in the comment’ section will be saved to the website’s database, along with your IP address. This information is not passed on to a Third Party. Please do not leave any sensitive or personally identifiable information on the comments section of my blog posts. Your comments will remain on the website until I remove the comment or the blog post, or until you inform me that you wish to have them removed. To remove the comments from this website, please email, using the email address that you commented with. I will then endeavour to remove the comment as soon as possible.

If you are under 16, you must obtain parental consent before posting a comment on this website.

How I Store Information:

Please note, that how you share your data on my website is at your risk and I cannot guarantee the safety of this. Once I have received your data, then I have procedures and security measures in place to ensure I do my best to safeguard your information and prevent unauthorised access.

When you contact me via the ‘Contact Me’ form on this website, no data will be stored by the website or passed to any third party. All data will be transferred and stored within the European Economic Area, in accordance with legislation.

How I Use Information:

I use information in order to carry out my business processes;

  • To administer my website, data analysis, statistical and survey purposes and testing.
  • To let you know of any changes to my service.
  • To keep the website safe and secure.
  • To keep records such as client hours.
  • To enable improvements to the website.
  • To run and maintain my business, i.e. financial records.
  • To carry out contracts between yourself and me and provide you with the services that you request from me.

In the event that I am ill or incapacitated, and cannot get in contact with you myself, I will arrange to have another Counsellor/Therapist, who is also bound by my code of ethics for confidentiality, will contact you via text, phone call or email to let you know what is happening.


I will store any information you give me for no longer than six years but will remove data as soon as is practicably possible. Some information, such as text messages, are usually deleted immediately. My computer is password protected and encrypted, to ensure the safety and protection of your personal information. I can provide you with detailed information regarding this, upon request.

Your contact details will be kept stored on my mobile phone under a code, until your sessions end, at which point, they will be deleted. If I change telephones, then your details will be deleted from the old phone. My mobile phone is protected by a pin number, which only I know, and is also only able to be opened by facial recognition. Again, only I can access my mobile telephone.

Your contact and appointment details will be kept for six years and then destroyed unless agreed otherwise. Any texts, emails or WhatsApp messages, or any other forms of communication in which we have used to remain in contact, will also be deleted immediately after receipt unless they form part of your notes or are needed for income tax purposes, in which case they will be kept for six years, as detailed above.

I keep very brief notes recording the themes of our sessions. These are stored in a locked filing cabinet, away from your personal details, and are destroyed as soon as practicably possible, unless otherwise agreed. In the case of supervision notes, these will be kept until I have presented the details in supervision, and then they will be destroyed.

Access to Information:

For the purpose of Data Protection Act Regulation 2016, Wanda Howell is the data controller of

You can request access to personal information that I hold on you and, except in limited situations when I am not permitted to so for legal reasons, I will provide this information to you within one month.

If you feel that any information I hold about you is inaccurate, then you are able to ask me to update your information. If you require me to delete your information, please request this in writing, and I will endeavour to do so unless I need to keep the information for legal or internal business purposes.


If you wish to contact me with questions, concerns, complaints or requests for your information, then please contact me at Wanda Howell Counselling, on the website at or via email on or by telephone on 0759 056 1087.

Data Protection Registration Number: A8340459