I know that when I was ‘shopping around’ for my own therapist, I found it quite helpful to read what past clients have said about their therapist- what worked, what didn’t and what they found helpful. Sometimes, reading about somebody else’s experience can help you to work out whether or not you think we can work together.

With that in mind, I have asked a few clients (and some have offered!) whether they would be happy writing anonymous testimonials for the work we did together. I hope you find them as useful as I did- never stop learning!

I went to see Wanda in late 2017 because I was having severe attacks of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) linked to words. I didn’t really understand what was happening to me until I started seeing Wanda. As the symptoms of my OCD were quite unusual I was given Wanda as a contact because she was the person who dealt with the unusual cases. I found her very helpful and she identified some important factors that were causing me severe emotional problems. I would recommend her to anyone out there who is struggling with their mental health.

Mental health doesn’t really explain the problem really, I think emotional health would be a better term. Wanda really helped me with my emotional health.  


After my session with Wanda I learnt that an issue I thought I had moved on was the reason I was struggling with a work issue.

I have left with the tool set to help calm and reassure myself and I feel with Wandas help I have properly started to deal with an issue that was still unknowingly affecting me. How the session worked was amazing and I have felt massively lighter in the weeks following.


Well all I can say is apart from a couple of dips, which were nowhere near the levels I usually experience, things have been far better since our session.

The deep sense of rejection that I had that masked pretty much everything I did has been, if not dispelled, certainly minimised. I spoke to you about the black weight on my chest, even though there have been “down” times this hasn’t reappeared.

When there are times I need reassurance I have used the self havening method and affirmations (not comfortable with iffermations, sorry) and they have set me right.

I would certainly recommend this for people to try as it has definitely had a positive impact on me over the last few weeks. So much so that I had the confidence to chat with a stranger and will be going on a date this Saturday, no over-thinking, no negative “what ifs”, just a clear and open mind. Massive change and the only thing I can put that down to is the work done.

Any other issues now seem so much easier to deal with.

Thank you,


‘As someone who was initially hesitant and maybe even resistant to counselling, Wanda managed to create an environment which made me feel comfortable and open. The sessions were built around what I wanted to get out of them, and helped me to develop a healthier mindset.

I’m grateful to Wanda for making an experience I was anxious about into one which I looked forward to each week.’