What happens in a typical Counselling session?

Each session is 50 minutes long- I do not take notes during the session, but I do keep some very basic notes about our session. These are kept under a number, and not your name, so that the session content is completely confidential and you can not be identified from the notes.

The sessions are weekly, at the agreed time, on the agreed day. This time is set aside for you and is a protected space. It is very important that you come to each session- Counselling works by building up a professional relationship between us, so that you feel safe and protected to talk about the issues that affect you.

It is really important that you feel you can trust your Counsellor, so if for some reason, you do not feel you can work with me, then please let me know and I can recommend another colleague for you to work with.

During the session, we will cover various aspects of your life, from your past, to your present and even working together to help develop your future. As I have said, I use many different techniques and some sessions we will just talk, other sessions we may use charts or scales and other sessions we may just draw and colour in- whatever you find useful to help with your therapy.

I am also available for online counselling via Skype. Please contact me for further details about this.